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Grasping at Starlight

That Which Composes Constellations

Lora Starrunner
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Random entries from the life of a Browncoat Transfangirl.

-:-Woot! RL & Grad School haven't completely taken my hobby from me! This banner by VejiRaziel very nicely conveys the relative scale of the subject mechs in my head-space:

To Be Sparked

Omega Supreme does not get enough attention in the fandom, and poor Skyfire is only ever allowed to be a minor character, when he isn't being an object of Starscream's pique and perversion. (No offense intended to Screamer's fans, but, can you tell me I'm wrong? Really?)

-:- I love the Browncoats: not only have I got to meet the Bedlam Bards TWICE now, but also Miss Marian Call:

Marian's Banner at Photobucket

Check out her downloads!

-:- February 2008 saw my first trip into the movie-verse, Why Stay? VejiRaziel made this most excellent banner for me:

February 2008 Banner

I was unaffected by the bots' lack of open grief for Jazz at the end of the movie: on the battlefield, surrounded by new allies, was not the time or place for it. But, why stay? Why decide so quickly that all of them would stay here? Bumblebee's a free being, let him stay if he chose, with a proper comm system if he needed a lift or company or rescue, but why stay here when there were other Autobots out there, somewhere?

-:- As the only entry for August 2007, it counted as a win: Know the Mystery features Mirage. Banner by VejiRaziel.

Mirage Banner August 2007

Many years ago, I was given the advice, Write what you know. Well, I know the Goddess chooses how and when to appear to Her creatures, and answers to thousands of names...and much as I find comfort in the female pronouns, She is unaffected by our concepts of gender or sex.

-:- Wrongly_Amused made me this shiny Ironhide banner for July 2007's Anniversary Challenge win:

Ironhide Banner July 2007

I came to the party too late to enter the January WTF challenge, but the anniversary "Grab Bag" challenge allowed me a chance to try it anyway. I do love that ol' bot! What You're Not Doing actually came from a bit of Firefly fanfiction I read a lo-ong while ago (for the first time, anyway!). I believe it was Eleanor K's Zoe who gave Mal a hard time, first asking him what he was doing with the young Doc and then, when he protested that he wasn't doing anything with Simon, she said, "Well, maybe that's the problem then, because any fool can plainly see he wants you to." I had to send Ironhide there.

-:- My second fanfiction challenge entry won!

Megatron Banner June 2007

It is entitled Break from Habit, as prominently displayed on the banner by Wrongly_Amused.

-:- I had to add this shiny banner by Rusty Chevy in her icon journal, few_brushes:

Rusty's banner hosted at Photobucket

She explains, "Left to right, we've got two of my favorite shots from the 'toon, art from his Action Master packaging, art for the Alternators packaging, IDW comic art, Robot Heroes package art, and movie art from the Maxim magazine promo." He is a Big Damn Hero.

-:- Who would have thought I would win the very first fanfiction challenge I ever entered? Not me!

Bumblebee Banner April 2007

The fic is entitled Exercise in Translation, banner of course by Wrongly_Amused - still my favorite!

Taking a cue from my friend Tyrrlin the Gryphon: you do not have permission to repost an entry I make in this journal or entries I write in community journals without my express prior permission. I like to be archived, just ask me first so I can verify I like the archive in which you want to put my work.

When I post something that I know I wouldn't have understood, appreciated or liked twenty years ago, it will be labeled and cut. Heed the warnings - I take care to write them clearly. Don't Like - Don't Read.

Same goes for my deviantart account and my fanfiction account.

-:- Because I saw them in Cyndi's profile, I had to go make a doll. I made a Greek Goddess Doll:

Blessed Be! Loved the cloak of the night sky...and all those stars, and the moon...-:-